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The Flatirons
Boulder, Colorado
U. S. A.

The Flatirons. This formation was caused by the actions of a Rayleigh Wave emanating from a meteor impact centered 80 miles to the East. This action is similar to the formation of the Rock of Gibraltar at the western edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

      The Flatirons Meteor Impact was centered at  40° 3'6.95"N 103°47'9.53"W. The 80 mile radius seismic circle of the impact formed the circular arc of the Front Range in Colorado.

     The Flatirons seismic circle at 130 miles radius. The image is linked to a much larger image (4800 x 4800) for a detailed view of this circle. Other seismic circles from this impact have been noted at 355, 620. 825, 1399, 2470, 4265, 4555, 5700, 6590, 6750, 7530, 8300, 9160, 10430 and 11440 miles radius from the center of impact, and will be described in detail as time permits.

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