Australia was formed by a whole lot of meteor impacts. The image above shows some of the biggest ones.

The east coast of Austrailia was formed by a large impact with a diameter of 1625 kilometers. Just north of that another impact of 1690 kilometers diameter gave form to the Great Barrier Reef.

The southern coast shows four obvious impact sites. The large double circle is from the impact that formed the Great Austrailian Bight. The smaller double circle formed the water bodies around Adalaide.

This is the hill country just north of central Australia. Studying these seismic circles gives a good indication as to how these landforms came to be.

The kmz file for these circles is here. This file will open in Google Earth. If you do not have Google Earth, get it here.
Once loaded into Google Earth you can examine the circles closely. We are looking for formations of many kinds that closely follow the circle line. Clicking on the yellow spots will take you to a good viewing distance for that formation. This kmz file only describes the most obvious meteor impacts.

If you wish to find your very own meteor impact, you first study the geography until you find a circular arc. It could be large or small. In the image above you can see large arcs and if you look very hard, you can see some small ones too. Once you find one, use the circle tool and fit a circle as best you can to that arc. If you do that correctly, you will be able to find other formations around the circle that also define the circle. No fewer than three significant points are acceptable, as you must be able to convince someone else, that has no idea what you are talking about, that the points you have represent a full circle.

How to narrow in to find the exact center of impact will be described on another page.

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