India was formed by many meteor impacts. The red placemarks on the image above denote the center of impact for some of them. Maybe you can spot where other impacts happened. The placemarks with a title in the image above, such as India 4, can be examinrd by clicking on the .kmz file, listed below. These files will open in Google Earth similar to the image below.
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This image of the India 4 impact shows the main seismic circles that resulted from the impact. The blue placemarks denote the primary geographic formations that fix the circle. By clicking on those placemarks, you will be taken to a view of those formations, such as the image below. From there you can take a closer look, if you wish, and perhape you can find other formations around the circle that are not marked.

India 1
India 2
India 3
India 4
India 5
India 6
India 7
India 8
India 9

Of you load all the kmz files at once, you get this. Somewhat incomprehensible. But if you then zoom into those points where the circles intersect, then the image below is an example of what you see.

As you study this, con start to see just how the land came together. The seismic waves from different directions buckeling the land along the circle lines. Then the water erosion forms the rivers and streams.

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