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     The Mueda Impact occurred in the northeastern corner of Mozambique, Africa, as shown by the yellow star.

     The area of the impact is shown closer.

     This is the primary blast ring had a radius of 365 miles (590km) which created Lake Malawi. This was a huge impact which was felt world wide.


130 sw

130 nnw

230 nw

620 n

760 w the border between Zambia and DR Congo

760 nw

 At 1070 miles, the borders between Zambia and Angola to the west, and part of the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana to the Southwest. These borders follow the contours of the land. Closer examination of this circle will show numerous land features that follow it.

At 1600 miles to the Southwest in South Africa, we see the start of a series of alignments spaced at about 60 miles distance which are followed by the Orange River.

At 1660 SW

At 1720 SW

At 1780 SW, the alignments are missing in South Africa, but show up to the west in Angola (North) and Namibia (South)

And again in the North northwest in the Sudan.

At 1845 SW they appear again.

1845 SW

1845 SSW

1845 East

And again at 1900 miles to the Southwest.

2010 nw

2010 n

3506 West through the Mid Atlantic ridge in the South Atlantic Ocean.

3506 through Mali

3506 through Algeria

3506 NE in India

Then we jump to 4200 North northeast through central Asia and the Tibetan Plateau.

4200 ne

5400 ne through Russia

At 5400 miles to the East through Western Australia.

At 5400 miles to the West through Eastern Brazil, South America

At 6385 to the Southwest through Argentina.

6385 in Australia

At 7375 miles to the Northeast,  the islands of Sakhalinskaya, Russia and Hokkaido, Japan fall on line.

6800 in South America

6800 in Russia

6800 miles to the Southeast, through Queensland and New South Wales, Australia.

8670 North through Alaska. The Yukon River.

8670 Northeast through the northwest Territories

8670 E Central America

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