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The Ninety East Ridge

     The Ninety East Ridge is a sea mount in the Indian Ocean which runs approximately South to North along the 90 degree line of longitude. It is about 5000 kilometers long.

     The Ninety East Ridge is one of a series of concentric seismic circles that circle the Earth. This image, and those following are linked to larger images (4800 pixels wide) for a more detailed inspection.

     The cause of these seismic circles was an ancient meteor impact off the Northwest coast of Africa.

     The concentric seismic circles circled the Earth. The distance from the center of impact is shown.

     The above image shows the first seven seismic circles from this impact. The geographic features denoting the circles are arrowed with the red arrows.

     The last three seismic circles are shown above. The green marker is the antipode, the point on the opposite side of the Earth from the center of impact.

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